Investors Value Mercedes-Benz Cars at Less than Half Compared to Arch-Rival BMW

It’s been more than a year since Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche vowed that Mercedes-Benz would reclaim the number one place in the premium segment from BMW by the end of the decade. He even sent a letter to his employees, saying that the company “should be far ahead of the pack”.

For the time being, though, the gap is widening, instead of closing and the three-pointed star is still trailing both BMW and Audi in the race for the number one spot.

The latest report by Bloomberg says that market capitalization at BMW is up to €45 billion (US$58.8 billion) compared to €42.2 billion (US$55.5 billion) for Daimler. After subtracting around €20 billion (US$26.3 billion) for its truck business, investors value the Mercedes-Benz passenger car division at €22 billion (US$28.9 billion), or less than half the value of its Munich-based rival.

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