MG Sets Kia as its Role Model to Achieve a Quick Rise in Europe

If you want to steal, steal from the best. It’s an old adage that still applies to the automotive world many times over, although no one is willing to admit it. The infamous Chris Bangle? Watch his “flame surfacing” on a large percentage of new cars around you right now.

Probably the best automotive “rags to riches” story in recent years is that of Kia. Having been around since 1944, it went belly-up during the Asian financial crisis in 1997. For most companies that would have been the end but not for the Korean manufacturer.

The Hyundai Motor Company acquired it and, investing heavily on European-based R&D facilities and plants, while also hiring former Audi designer Peter Schreyer who gave the cars a modern look, the carmaker's sales rose year after year to the point where production can’t keep up with demand.

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