2013 Toyota RAV4: Check it Out in Detail in These High-Resolution Images

We've been following the upcoming 2013 Toyota RAV4 closely over the past few months and now, after the spy pictures, our own speculative rendering, and several official, but low resolution, images, we can finally show you what you've been waiting for: high resolution imagery of the new model.

Toyota's designers have modernized the looks of the popular on both sides of the Atlantic RAV4, applying familiar styling cues from their more recent models like the Auris hatchback and estate giving the SUV a sharper appearance.

The new compact crossover looks like it also features a larger footprint, which if true, should improve passenger and possibly luggage space, while the interior boasts more upscale materials, such as the leather trim on the dashboard of the display vehicle.

We have nothing official yet on the 2013 RAV4's specifications, but it has been rumored for a while now that the North American model may drop the V6 option and follow the example of the rivaling Honda CR-V offering a single four-cylinder engine.

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