Spy Shots: Get a Close Look at a Thinly Veiled 2013 Skoda Octavia

Over the past few days, we have shared with you two spy videos of the new generation Skoda Octavia, which is due to be revealed online in November ahead of a world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in March of 2013.

Needless to explain why, video footage of a car traveling on a highway can't offer the same details provided by a close up with a high-quality camera, which is where our spy shooters step in.

These latest scoop pictures afford us our best view of the new Octavia to date, allowing us to decipher reality from illusion, and by illusion, we mean the crafty decals placed on the headlights, the fog lamps, the upper bar of the front grille, the C-column and the rear combination lights by Skoda's people to trick us.

The best way to describe the shape, proportions and styling of the third iteration of the Octavia is a more modern interpretation of the current model with some sharper details here and there such as the front end and the profile window line.

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