Florida Cop Smells "A Lot of Marijuana" in a Jaguar Driving on the Highway, Finds Near to Nothing

Yes, it's another police incident from Florida – it seems we're having a lot of those lately. This time, we have a Sarasota Sheriff Deputy who was convinced that the passengers of an older generation Jaguar XJ were smoking pot -and lots of it- while driving on the road.

This incident took place on a Friday night in May, but the dash-cam footage from the patrol car was released this week.

In the police report, Sarasota Sheriff's Deputy Dominic Fornal noted that he was following the 2003 Jaguar on the highway at speeds of around 30-35mph (49-56km/h) and that with his patrol car's windows rolled down, he could smell "strong and distinct odor of unburned cannabis" coming out of the British sedan.

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